Eric Ericson International Choral Centre – EIC – A focal point in the world of choirs

The aim of EIC is to support and develop choral music at all levels and to strive for excellence, continuing the Eric Ericson spirit.

EIC was founded in 2006 and promotes choral singing in various ways:

  • EIC operates The Eric Ericson Hall, a concert hall on Skeppsholmen in the center of Stockholm.
  • EIC organizes concerts for choirs and other music, often in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • EIC organizes choir events and participates in joint arrangements, for example projects with music classes from different parts of the country.
  • EIC cooperates with other choral centers, with organizations and with other interests in Sweden, as well as with international organizations in the choir and the music world.
  • EIC also make Eric Ericsson hall available to third party organisations and corporations in harmony with the centre’s own program throughout the year for function such as weddings, memorial services, awards, music and corporate events.

The singing swedes

Sweden is a singing country, with several hundred thousand people in countless choirs. Like other art forms choir singing needs training, development, facilities, a place to meet and exchange ideas in order to expand experience, knowledge and spreading inspiration.

According to its founding documents EIC shall stimulate interaction between the peak and width of choir singers, between composers and performers, and between choir singing and other arts. EIC will also initiate and support education and research in the field of choral singing in collaboration with universities and other stakeholders.

Founders and sponsors

Individual projects run by the EIC are predominantly financed by grants from the Swedish government, for individual projects. The funding for the Eric Ericson Hall is secured primarily by the main sponsor Carpe Vitam, a non-profit foundation started by Peder Wallenberg. He was one of the people responsible for the idea of placing the EIC on Skeppsholmen. The Foundation’s initial financing emanates in equal parts from Peder Wallenberg, from Eric Ericson himself, from the Swedish government and the Swedish Arts Council, and from the Inge and Einar Rosenborg foundation.

The EIC was established in 2006 to celebrate the great choir conductor, his strong visions, artistic ideals and invaluable contribution to world choral music for more than half a decade.

The Eric Ericson Hall was inaugurated in 2009. Among the activities of the centre is the Eric Ericson Award of 100,000 Swedish Crowns handed out every third year to a talented young international choir conductor. The Eric Ericson Award will not take place this year, for economic reasons.

The EIC also hosts The Eric Ericson Day, in October each year. This event includes concerts, as well as handing out rewards, prizes and scholarships.