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24 april EIC samarbetar med LUMEN project (6 timmar)

Claire Rousay// Klara Lewis// Nailah Humter// Mariam the believer// Félicia Atkinson// Jessica Moss// Martin Hederos&Lisa Nordström// Lumen Voices // Jessica Ekomane// Stina Hellberg Agback

Med stöd av Kulturrådet

We are thrilled to announce our first longform event in Stockholm since 2019!


// a seamless 6-hour sound and light event // celebration of the advent of SPRING //

performances by

claire rousay // Klara Lewis // Nailah Hunter // Mariam the Believer // Félicia Atkinson // Jessica Moss // Martin Hederos & Lisa Nordström // Lumen Voices // Jessica Ekomane // Stina Hellberg Agback


Bring something to sit or recline on from home

Turn off or put away your phone

Remove shoes and uncomfortable clothing

Applause is not necessary

Come and go as you like

Relax, sleep if you wish

Lumen Project is a non-profit organization creating immersive experiences, employing sound / light / and space to inspire awe and stillness.

The format embodied by LUMEN PROJECT seeks to redefine the concert experience as something akin to a spiritual + communal happening. Lumen Project uses extended-duration unbroken sound to invite participants into a contemplative mindframe, placing our attention in the NOW. The format’s trajectory bends always towards togetherness and shared experience, away from hierarchy and divisions… seeking to act as a harmonizing force.

The expansion beyond limited notions of time and song-based music, the unembarrassed injection of the spiritual into public life, the creation of a unifying space… this is our aim, and our small resistance against the dominant culture of frantic consumption and acceleration.

With support from and thanks to:

Viriditas Foundation


Graphic design: Caroline Igel / Maja Zetterberg

We ask that everyone in attendance be vaccinated.

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